Business Maths



(NQF Level 3 – US 7456)

Those learners who acquire the outcomes of this course will be able to use mathematics to investigate and monitor the financial aspects of personal, business and national issues.

The qualifying learner is able to:

  • Use mathematics to plan and control personal and/or household budgets and income and expenditure.
  • Use simple and compound interest to make sense of and define a variety of situations including investments, stokvels, inflation, appreciation and depreciation.
  • Investigate various aspects of financial transactions including costs, prices, revenue, cost price, selling price, loss and profit.

The course consists of the following lessons:

Module 1 – Business Income and Expenditure

  • Topic 1: Working with percentages in business contexts (Part 1)
  • Topic 2: Working with percentages in business contexts (Part 2)
  • Topic 3: The need to keep careful financial records
  • Topic 4: Sales, Cost of Sales and Gross Profit
  • Topic 5: Selling Costs and Operating Profit, Profit before and after Tax, Dividends and Retained Earnings
  • Topic 6: The complete Income Statement

Module 2 – Applications of simple and compound interest

  • Topic 1: Simple interest
  • Topic 2: Compound interest
  • Topic 3: Evaluating the costs of products and services
  • Topic 4: Hire Purchase Agreements
  • Topic 5: Savings, investments and inflation
  • Topic 6: Appreciation and depreciation

Module 3 – Personal finance and budgets

  • Topic 1: Interpreting personal financial information
  • Topic 2: Developing and using personal budgets
  • Topic 3: Studying and revising personal budgets
  • Topic 4: Drawing up and monitoring a personal budget
  • Topic 5: Looking at the national budget


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