Essential Computer Skills



(NQF Level 1 – 4)

The Essential Computer Skills course gives learners the skills they need to live, learn and work in an increasingly digitally connected society because without digital literacy, your team cannot function at optimal level reducing your organisation’s efficiency and increasing risk.

Upon completion of this course and successful assessment, learners will be able to:

  • Communicate via email.
  • Research information online.
  • Handle sensitive information in virtual ecosystems.
  • Use online calendars and efficiently manage their schedule
  • Create and manage spreadsheets and online documents.
  • Safely use cloud-based collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams.
  • Execute basic device management like connecting to the internet or installing software updates.
  • Share screen during a video call.
  • Navigate any computer.
  • Type on a keyboard

The course consists of the following lessons:

  • Lesson 1: Introduction
  • Lesson 2: Introduction to your computer
  • Lesson 3: Navigate your desktop
  • Lesson 4: Learning to type
  • Lesson 5: Email and Internet usage policies
  • Lesson 6: Outlook overview
  • Lesson 7: Email attachments
  • Lesson 8: Outlook skills – Searching for emails and attachments
  • Lesson 9: Create Email accounts
  • Lesson 10: Email writing fundamentals
  • Lesson 11: Typing drills and skills
  • Lesson 12: Typing and proofing skills – Copy-type a business letter
  • Lesson 13: ECS Lesson
  • Lesson 14: Effective Email management
  • Lesson 15: How to use Word
  • Lesson 16: How to use Excel
  • Lesson 17: Video Conferencing
  • Lesson 18: Introduction to Microsoft Teams
  • Lesson 19: Using the Internet





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