iTut is Media Work’s very own online learning platform that allows your learners to get access to their learning material anywhere, anytime.

Online corporate education
and training made easier!

Online learning no longer requires a desktop computer or cumbersome laptop. The mobile device has allowed learning to happen at any time and at any place. Whether you are traveling on a taxi, bus or train, waiting at the airport or for a meeting, the mobile device gives you instant access to your learning content. iTuT Campus is an online learning portal that gives learners access to their course material anywhere, anytime on PCs, mobile and tablets.

All course material is developed in HTML5 and is SCORM compliant. It can be installed in-house on a SCORM compliant LMS. The course material includes best practice and practical examples, all of which is presented in an interesting, engaging and easy to comprehend manner.

The portal can be accessed either through your browser or via iTuT Campus app. Using the iTuT Campus app, users can download their training material and store it on their device. This allows them to access the material at any time, whether connected to the internet or not.

iTuT Campus app is available on: