Skills Development Consulting

Take your institution’s training and compliance to
the next level with Optimi Workplace !

Maximise your B-BBEE spend

achieve your training objectives with the right advice.

Strategic B-BBEE Consulting

Want to get the most out of your B-BBEE spend? Let us help you make that happen with our wide range of industry specific learnerships, community based programmes and enterprise development projects.


Bursary Management

Let us help you recruit candidates, establish and manage purpose fit bursary programmes as well as improve existing bursary & scholarship programmes. Providing full administrative and support services (payments, contracting, budgeting, reporting, student counselling, recommendations to clients etc).

Trainer Container

Optimi Workplaces’ Trainer Container is the cost effective, secure, and quick solution to your training facilities dilemma. As leaders in adult education, we have taken years of experience and used the knowledge gained to develop a practical plug-and-play solution to meet your training needs. What’s more is that your training facility can be fully functional within a month!