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AGA Mponeng Community

Foundational Learning
Competence training


Numbawani Mponeng
Residence Carletonville

In this project we recruited unemployed young people from communities around Mponeng: from Wedela, Khutsong {Carletonville} and Kokosi {Foschville}. All were above the age of 18. Fortunately we were able to register 94 learners. In June 2019 80 of them wrote Exams with the IEB and 75 passed. Aldi van der Westhuizen, the TDO recruited 38 of these achievers and registered them for Engineering and Artisan training. Upon successful completion, these people were employed by the mine.

We later learned that in late 2020, Harmony Kusasalethu recruited 35 of the remaining learners and also employed them.

Learning Project:
Skills Programmes

NQF 5 Skills



10 students were recruited to participate on skills programme, compromises of the following skills:

  • Business Skills
  • Manage Personal Finance
  • Professional behaviour
  • Labour relations
  • Business English

The above-mentioned skills are life changing, as they facilitate a better opportunity at gaining employment. Knowing how to operate and behave in the workplace makes any potential employee more employable. Being able to manage your personal finances is truly empowering.

Desmond Mazibuko, HRD-AET Coordinator

AET (Adult Education and Training)



Training with Media Works was very fruitful for both Samancor and our employees. Samancor is now reaping the benefits of having a literate workforce which results in high productivity and reduced incidents occurring in the workplace as a result of employees not understanding instructions.

Workers can now read and write, and even do basic numeracy, a skill required in both workplace and in society. They are now fully functional in the community where they live. It was an eye-opener for many workers who took advantage of this opportunity: some have even gone into higher positions because of doing AET (Adult Education and Training).

The training was initially meant for employees only, but as time went on, it was extended to the surrounding community too. This was in line with the SLP for the mining license and to boost the figures as required by the DMRE.
Our enrolment numbers have increased drastically since we partnered with Media Works. This is mostly due to the pass rate that we maintained over the years. Both the learners and the company are happy. I believe that the relationship between Samancor and Media Works will continue to thrive because we have 3 learning centers and all of them require the expertise Media Works offers.

Their support toward the learners, as well as the training staff, is quite outstanding. The training provided covers AET 1-4 and Foundational Learning Competence (FLC).
Samancor is thankful to have Media Works as our partner in training!