Expert tips to prepare you for your Matric exams
14 October 2019
By creationlabs

It’s October and high school learners in Mzansi are reminded of one thing: exam season is looming. With the National Senior Certificate exams starting on 23 October 2019, Matric Works education expert, Louis Nel, gives Daily Sun his top tips to help you achieve success in your Matric examinations.


  1. Plan for study success
    Planning is essential, if you want to cover all the necessary study material. Draw up a schedule, which allocates time for all your activities, including studying, eating, relaxing and exercising. This will allow you to plot enough time for studying, alongside downtime, which is also important.
  2. Set goals, with dates
    By setting goals, linked to timeframes, you will be able to keep on track with your study plans. For example, a goal can be to finish the first chapter of Maths in three days. This will help to keep you motivated, as you achieve mini goals within your broader study plan.
  3. Summarise your work in your own words
    Rather than reading the coursework, or reading someone else’s notes, it’s important to make your own summaries, to use as a tool to work from when you are repeating specific section of work. Different methods can be used, such as mind maps or one-word summaries. Find the method that works best for you.
  4. Short study sessions
    Short study sessions that take place often are far more beneficial than a few long study sessions. Stick to 30-minute sessions, and then take a break. This will help you to absorb, and retain, the material a lot more effectively
  5. Find quiet places to study
    It does not always have to be in the same place, but when you do choose your study spots, make sure that you can concentrate. Perhaps find a public library near you, or ask to study in one of your school classrooms after school. Try to avoid studying in bed.
  6. Eliminate distractions
    Try to keep distractions to a minimum. When studying, keep your cell phone away from your desk, turn off loud music and try to avoid being near people making a lot of noise. This will help you to focus and be more efficient.
  7. Keep hydrated
    Your brain is strongly influenced by hydration. Studies have proven that even mild dehydration can impair many aspects of brain function. Drink lots of water while studying, as well as before you write your exams, to ensure that you are functioning at your optimum.
  8. Get enough sleep
    You cannot concentrate and absorb your work if you are tired. Research suggests that sleep plays an important role in memory, both before and after learning. Make sure you are getting adequate sleep during your exam preparation and before your exams.
  9. Find a study buddy
    If possible, repeat what you have learnt to a study buddy. We recommend doing this once you have already studied on your own and want to recap it again before the exam. Only study with a friend if it’s not a distraction. 
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