Featured learner: Malebogo Levinia Kolberg
14 April 2020
By creationlabs

Motivated and determined to fulfill her goal of attaining sustainable employment, Malebogo Levinia Kolberg, from Shaleje Village in Lime Acres, progressed from an informal contract cleaner to full-time employee at PPC Lime thanks to achieving Adult Education and Training (AET) Level 4 in Mathematical Literacy and Communication in English through Media Works. 

Malebogo started working as a cleaner for Shaleje Service Trust in 2011, which is a sub-contractor to PPC Lime. Employed as a fixed-term contractor, filling in for another employee, Malebogo was responsible for cleaning PPC Lime administration offices. 

After a month on this job, Malebogo was transferred to PPC Lime Training Centre, and continued with the same responsibilities. Soon after that, Malebogo was asked to help another cleaner at a PPC Lime laboratory. 

“I worked as a cleaner in the laboratory until 2012 and I was excited when a full-time position opened up at PPC Lime, as I knew that I stood a good chance of being employed by the company. The only problem was that I did not have a Grade 12 certificate,” said Malebogo. 

In 2013, due to her strong work ethic and organisational skills, she was given the opportunity of becoming a team leader, helping to manage a group of cleaners, while still continuing her duties of cleaning offices, toilets and the laboratory. 

“My supervisors were very happy about my performance at work and urged me to attend Adult Education and Training (AET) classes, which were sponsored by PPC Lime and provided by Media Works. I wrote the AET Placement Assessment in 2015 and started from Level 3 Mathematical Literacy and Communication in English level 4. I passed Communication in English Level 4 on my first attempt in 2016,” says Malebogo. 

In 2017, I was employed by PPC Lime on a fixed-term contract doing laboratory cleaning work. One of the employment conditions was that I must pass Mathematical Literacy Level 4, so that I can be permanently employed

“I worked hard at my AET classes, however I struggled a lot when it came to Maths. I failed the first time, but thankfully my contract was still extended for another year. I never gave up learning to achieve my goal, I even added an extra learning area: Small Medium & Micro Enterprise (SMME) NQF 1. I eventually passed Maths Level 3 in November 2017,” explains Malebogo. 

Malebogo was determined to pass AET Level 4 Maths, but unfortunately, she failed her exams in 2018. Her contract was terminated in January 2019, and she returned to working for Shaleje Service Trust again. However, Malebogo didn’t give up. 

“In March 2019 I passed Maths Literacy Level 4, and because I had completed Level 4 in both Maths and Communication, I am now a permanent employee of PPC Lime since 1 June 2019.  I wrote two other learning areas (Life Orientation and Economic Management Sciences) and passed both, and in November 2019 I wrote Human and Social Sciences, in order to complete my GETC Qualification – NQF 1,” Malebogo continues.  

“For people without matric, who are struggling to find employment, or who can’t progress in their jobs, I urge you to go the AET route. AET Level 4 is the minimum requirement for employment and you can register for the classes for free. This will help you get better job opportunities,” Malebo continues. 

Media Works applauds PPC Lime for their dedication to upskilling and empowering South African people through Adult Education and Training.