Ivanplats empowers rural communities in Limpopo
16 January 2020
By creationlabs

In December 2019, 161 community members near Ivanplats’ Platreef Mine in Limpopo completed adult education and training (AET) courses that will help them find employment. 

Run by Media Works, South Africa’s leading provider of AET, the courses ran from pre-AET to NQF level 4. Those who completed their level 4 qualifications now have the equivalent of a matric certificate.

“The courses were well received by our community members,” says Grace Mokwena, a junior officer in Ivanplans’ human resources department and the woman responsible for the company’s community centres. “The material in the Media Works workbooks was clearly explained and easy to use and understand. It helped to ensure our incredible success rate.”

One of the learners, Matsela Setsiba, was delighted that she was able to obtain her matric certificate through Media Works’ training. And William Baloyi, a learner from the Chumana AET Centre, said that the training he received was fruitful. “I believe that the certificate I have received will open doors for me to study further and advance my career,” he said.

Some of the graduates will now have the opportunity to complete non-core courses that Ivanplats is offering their community members. These may include help desk courses, a health and safety courses and a computer courses.

“Education is perhaps the most powerful means of transforming rural communities,” says Jackie Carroll, the co-founder of Media Works. “We were proud to work with Ivanplats to ensure that the residents of their communities have the necessary knowledge and skills to improve their livelihoods.”

The Platreef Project is 64% owned by international Canadian mining company Ivanhoe Mines through its subsidiary, Ivanplats. The South African beneficiaries of the approved broad-based, black economic empowerment structure have a 26% stake in the Platreef Project. The remaining 10% is owned by a Japanese consortium.