My Legacy | Adopt a Child
8 July 2013
By creationlabs

”It is not what we do but with how much love we do it. It is not about how much you give but with how much love you give” says Nthabiseng Manyaka.


“The inspiration for the Adopt a Child My Legacy project occurred to me on my way to work one morning. I noticed a young boy who was on his way to school without school shoes or a jersey, it was freezing as it had snowed the day before. His situation tugged at my heart strings and I vowed that I would endeavour to assist children like him.
“In January, when I bought my son’s uniform, I sourced names of three learners from his school; learners who needed uniforms. When the uniforms were delivered I realised that my efforts were no more than a drop in the ocean, prompting me to include more learners – after which I asked for the names of an additional 19 needy learners.”
Given the financial burden of these additional uniforms, Nthabiseng approached companies to assist her with the necessary funding.

Together they managed to raise the necessary funds. The children can now attend school knowing that they are on a par with their peers. They are psychologically empowered to participate in all the school has to offer, with confidence.

Nthabiseng has ambitious plans for the project, which she would like to evolve into an NGO reaching many more children.

“With the necessary sponsorship and enthusiasm this project can achieve great things. Young people are our future and if we support and encourage them to work hard we will alleviate poverty. A helping hand is sometimes all a young child needs to be set on the right path.”

Nthabiseng believes the project has the potential to move beyond supplying children with clothes. As a first new step she wishes to establish a book club to develop communication and reading skills.

“It was a humbling experience to realise that we have made a difference to so many young lives. I cannot describe the gratification I experienced when seeing the joy on their faces. I believe that if we all start with something small, together we will bring about the change needed in the country.

What Nthabiseng characterises as a “small contribution” has touched the lives of many young children, giving them hope, encouraging them to attend school with confidence and to obtain good grades. It boosted the children’s well-being and disposition. Predictably, owning a new school uniform gave them a feeling of belonging.