Long-term CSI relationships enable NPOs to flourish in South Africa
13 February 2020
By creationlabs

Media Works acknowledges that, without the role of the corporate sector, non-governmental or non-profit organisations (NGOs or NPOs) would battle to undertake the important work they do in their communities.

“It’s up to South African businesses to help sustain these organisations,” says Jackie Carroll, Media Works’ co-founder. “We all need to play our part.”

Firdose Razak-Moola, the Executive Director of Child Welfare Durban and District (CWDD), agrees. “Corporate sponsorship is a necessity for any NPO,” she says. “With the economy of South Africa as it is, many NPOs don’t have the resources to employ all the staff they need, or to meet their day-to-day expenses without the help of corporates.”

CWDD is the largest child welfare organisation in South Africa, and works to protect the rights of children and nurture their quality of life. It relies on donors to fund its efforts, and to promote and market its work. These contributions are critical to its survival.

For many years, Media Works has helped CWDD to pay for the gardener who looks after the William Clark Garden, the centre’s garden of remembrance for children who have lost their lives to HIV/AIDS. These donations help to ensure that the children who use the centre have a safe and healthy natural space in which to learn and grow.

“Media Works has shown tremendous support to CWDD throughout the years and has always assisted and supported us with our vision and mission,” Firdose explains.

“We are proud to have supported this organisation,” explains Jackie. “Its work is critical in a country where so many neglected and abused children are in need of a safe and loving home.”

Media Works encourages all South African businesses, both big and small, to connect with deserving NPOs in their communities. Engage with them proactively to find out what they need. Support might take the form of a regular donation, or the NPOs concerned might require occasional volunteers that businesses can recruit internally. 

“We hope every business will do what they can to make a difference. Even the smallest act of giving can go a long way,” Jackie adds.